After the Rain, 5X7
Magnolia I, 5X7
Coneflower, 8X6
Summer Garden, 8X10
Pink Magnolia, 6X8
Radishes, 10X8
Yum!, 4x4
Garlic Clove, 4x4
Asparagus, 12X6
Garlic Braid, 12X6
The Line-Up, 12X24
The Guardian, 10X10
Deck Visitor, 6X8
Flight School Next in Queue, Oil on Panel, 16X20
Who's the Boss, Oil on Wood Panel, 14X10
Bashful, Oil on Panel, 12X8
New Orleans, Oil on Wood Panel, 14 X 16
Window Dressing, Oil on Cradled Panel, 12 X 16
The Mailbag, Provence, Oil on Linen
San Miguel, Oil on Linen
Tuscany, Oil on Wood Panel, 12X9
Through the Garden Gate, Oil on Alupanel, 16X14
Village Stroll, Oil on Panel, 12X9
Lake of Two Rivers, Oil on Canvas, 18X24
4 Sale, Oil on Panel, 16X20
H2O, Oil and Cold Wax on Wood Panel, 20 X 16
Cat's Eyes Series ONR, 4X6
Cat's Eyes Series TWO, 4X6
Cat's Eyes Series THREE, 4X6
Cat's Eyes Series FOUR, 4X6
Cat's Eyes Series FIVE, 4X6
Cat's Eyes Series SIX, 4X6
Artist's Retreat, Oil on Cradled Panel, 20 X 16
Calm Harbour, Oil on Panel, 9X12
Down Time, Oil on Panel, 9X12